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I am a senior looking to improve my application. My dream college is the University of Michigan.

I have been a dual enrollment student at my local university since freshman year, where I kept a 4.0 GPA, I have 31 college credits, 6 years of dance experience, 100+ hours of volunteering, I held a job for 4 years.

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5 months ago

You should fill out a chancing profile and select UMich and other similarly ranked schools to see whether these are targets, hard targets, or reaches for you. Without disclosing your full academic record including APs or IBs or Honors, all your ECs, your spike activities, your test scores, etc, no one can make any suggestions on here with that limited information. Therefore run the chancing simulator or chancing engine against your profile to see what CV feels you can improve upon. Good Luck

5 months ago

H, idk how qualified I am for this question, but I'll give it a shot. So according to the comments below, check the chancing simulator, and the details that you're missing. most likely you check off all the boxes (from extra curricular to academics) so the most likely thing to being you down is your SAT/ACT score. If you can't take it or its already good enough, the best thing to improve on is showing dedication to your major, so take the 4 core classes and the extra classes you have, they should be focused around your major, so if you wanna graduate in biology, take more science credits, etc. You probably already knew this. Other than that, this seems almost Ivy worthy, so great job on this!


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