7 months ago
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Does applying as a Double Major decrease chances of getting into the college (specifically for more exclusive colleges)

I'm planning to apply as a finance and CS major, but I know those have very saturated number of applicants, so I wanted to see if its a) recommended (basically is finance and CS a good overlap and b) does it affect my chances of getting into big colleges

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7 months ago

Have you looked at the application to see if you're even able to apply with a double major? I think most schools have you apply under a single major or they ask you to list your top choices.

Is your application better suited for one major compared to the other? If so, I would just apply under that major. It will be hard to have an application that is competitive in both Finance and CS. Instead, you can pick a "primary" major to focus on for your application and then some of your ECs and class choices can reflect you're also passionate about your "secondary" major.

In terms of your chances, I don't think applying as a double major would have a major impact but I'm also skeptical you can even apply as a double major in the first place.


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