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Are transcript gpa's based on one year or entire high school career?

I'm a sophomore and was looking at my transcript and it says my UWGPA is 3.68. First semester I got 4 A+, 1 A, and 1 A-. But freshman year I didn't do as good, I got 2 A, 4 A-, 3 B+, 1 B, 1 B-, and 1 C+. Sophomore year I had 4 honors and freshman 3. The B- and C+ were both in honors comp lit. I was wondering of the 3.68 UWGPA is of all this averaged or Just my sophomore year 1 semester?

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5 months ago

So if you are counting all 18 classes your UWGPA would be

4- A+ - 16.0 pts

1-A - 4.0 pts

1-A- -3.7 pts

2-A - 8.0 pts

4- A- - 14.8 pts

3- B+ - 9.9 pts

1 - B -3.0 pts

1- B- 2.7 pts

1- C+ 2.3 pts

Total 64.4 Pts/18 = 3.578 UWGPA

Now if your HS counts A+ as 4.3 which I think some HSs do although colleges might re-calc it back to 4.0 then your UWGPA is a 3.63 which is closer to what is written on your transcript.

Hope that helps. Again I'm just rounding off the pluses and minuses to the most conventional grading scales that many HSs across the country use. If your school rounds up a 3.3 to 3.3333 or rounds down a 3.7 to 3.6666 then you might get different values but not too far off what you have on your transcript.

5 months ago

If it is on your official transcript, then it is all of it averaged. You can also just do the math yourself though. It's pretty easy with just a calculator, but there's also GPA Calculators online that can help.


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