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Hi, I am planning on majoring in physical therapy when I attend college. Is there anything that I should be doing the summer before senior year as well as are there any good schools I should strive to apply to? I have only one school in mind and am not sure where I should go to visit.

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8 months ago

Definitely start with instate colleges as they will be cheaper if you are not sure where to start looking for colleges. Another way is to look at the best school for physical therapy on websites and make sure to cross check them, but based on your grades and likeliness of admission, you can see what colleges you should visit. Since this is the last stretch to improve your standing for colleges, strengthen your involvement in the activities you are already in like getting a leadership position or starting an initiative, and also try to do summer activities like possible mentoring virtually in any science field to show a sense of interest in the science/medical field. Any internship is better than none, so.


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