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What are some good tech/computer science extracurriculars I can add to my high school resume as a rising senior?

I am generally feeling insecure about the extracurricular aspect of my college application. I want to do something that will appear more impressive to top schools, but I am running out of time as application season is coming up in the fall. Any ideas/tips of what I can do to maximize the time I have left with quality extracurriculars that are STEM related? (I am already signed up for a 4-week and a 1-week tech-based summer program so I cannot pursue anymore extracurricular activities until fall semester.)

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7 months ago

Definitely try contacting people you know or people in the tech field to try and get an internship. With that, you can further your knowledge and to colleges it looks like you took initiative besides doing normal school work. Also try making small apps or games to submit into competitions, and the good thing is if you find a competitions that requires a similar submission as another one, you can submit the same project. Other than that, with colleges looking for more wholistic resumes, try doing other activities like sports or playing an instrument, or volunteering to help strengthen your application. Hope this helps.


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