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How to maintain my class rank?

Hi, I'm a freshman at a public high school! I recently found out that my unweighted class rank is 1st, and my weighted class rank is 3rd, out of a class of 421 people. That means that I am in the top 7% of students in my class. I want to go to a fairly prestegious school, so I want to hopefully keep my class rank in the top 10%. I have a weighted GPA of 4.0 and an unweighted GPA of 4.0, because I haven't taken any AP's yet. But however, next year I am planning to take two AP's, APUSH and AP Chemistry. I'm really nervous for AP chemistry, as I desperately want to maintain my class rank!

Does anyone have any tips for surviving AP Chemistry and keeping my class rank in the top 10%??



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4 years ago

As someone who is taking Honors Chemistry and AP next year as well, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. First off, be prepared to go in knowing that it is a difficult class. You're going to want to take detailed notes and ask questions. Don't expect to make 100s on every test either. Not many kids excel at Chemistry, much less AP. For me, Chemistry has been my hardest class so far and I had to learn to accept that I wasn't the best student at it (I made a flat 90 1st semester and currently my second-semester grade is an 89). However, you can definitely keep your class rank in the top 10%. Your rank percentage would only go down to 11% or lower if you were rank 43 or lower. This being said, continue what you're doing (making high grades) and aim for at least an A- or slightly higher in AP Chem to remain your current rank or close to it. Don't panic if your rank does go down though because you have 3 more years to get it back up. Hope this was helpful! :)

4 years ago

If your goal is to stay in the top 10% in your class you need to select similar courses to other students that are high ranking and take many APs which you clearly are doing. As far as "surviving classes" goes you just have to keep your goal in mind and do what you need to do to achieve it. Some people who achieve similar goals don't study at all during high school and can just waltz through school and others have to study really hard throughout high school. The point is that you should keep your goals in mind and don't be distracted by what other people do in class just do what you need to do.

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