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My past ACT scores were not the best. My first was a 19, then a 25 and i'm looking for a way better score since I have a 3.7 gpa. What advice do you have? I need to study but study groups haven't helped me thus far. My next ACT is June 12th. Also take into consideration that I have taken the SAT but had done bad. I know I can accomplish lots academically but standardized tests aren't my thing. I need to do well as I am applying to Clemson University and University of Oklahoma early-action. So their application submissions start August 1st. Any help, recommended study tips/videos is greatly appreciated.


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3 years ago

Hi @naomicichanowicz

So I see very good improvement as you have gotten a 6 point jump. As a rising senior, I would advise you that you first take only tests from ACT.com as that will allow you to see the types of questions you are missing and allows you to work on your mistakes before the June ACT. I am taking the July ACT so I would suggest you take a look at PrepScholar as they have very good resources and also a very good tool to use because many students who are studying last minute are using it as a resource. It has very good proven results as some of my family has seen a 175+ on SAT and 5+ on the ACT but remember that it all depends on the amount of work you put in because the more hours you put in the more higher of a score you can expect.

Good Luck!!!

3 years ago

I am taking the June 12th ACT also and to prepare I recommend looking at what sections you did worst in on the score breakdown part on ACT.com. After that look at what you need to know for that section specifically, I did the worst on the geometry part of the math section so I am reviewing what I need to know for that section. For me doing practice problems and then asking teachers what I did wrong works the best but I have heard good things about the Khan Academy prep too. Good luck!

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