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When applying to college does you core gpa matter because my regular gpa is 4.01 but my core gpa is 4.1. Also if You do early applications and gpa is lower than what you graduate with should you go for early application.

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Hey there @Bob02!

Firstly, whether or not your core GPA matters depends on whether or not your high school includes this information on your transcript. If it isn’t on your transcript, then colleges won’t take the time to hunt for it, especially because they’ll be able to see your individual grades for each class on your transcript anyway.

For your second question, even if your GPA is slightly lower when you apply to college, I would still consider applying early. I’m going to assume that you mean Early Decision or Early Action? Most of the time, applying to ED will boost your acceptance chances because you are guaranteeing to that university that a seat offered to you will not wasted. While some people will say that applying ED will affect your financial aid offer, this actually depends solely on which college your applying to. Check the university website when applying, as they will most of the time explicitly state that applying ED will not affect financial aid offers.

Applying EA, however, has only the benefit of knowing your admissions decision earlier than other people. If you believe that your GPA will be slightly higher later on, then I would definitely wait to apply instead of applying EA.

I hope this helps somewhat! Wish you the best in all your college endeavors!


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