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1. what are some extra curriculum colleges like?

2. in texas you must take the algebra 1, English 1, English 2, biology, and U.S history STAAR (state assessment) to graduate. Do colleges look at that?

3. I really enjoy dancing can that be a passion I show to colleges?

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1. They like ECs that show initiative and that you went above and beyond. Basically they like to see you get involved in your community and go out of your way to make something tangible from your hobbies. For example you could aspire to be the president of a club you like rather than just being a member of it. Or start your own dance club etc.

2. They look at your transcript to see what type of classes you took and how you did. Selective schools like to see you made good use of your time and took more classes than required. For example to graduate in Oregon you need 3 credits in math, social studies, and science. This leaves you with almost nothing for senior year so they want to see you went above the requirement and continued learning even if you didn't have to.

3. Of course! If you can try to make it competitive and enter contests. You could also volunteer to teach little kids, the more you make of it the better.


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