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What If I Don't Know What Major I'll Choose? Will It Impact Me Negatively?

While I may only be a freshman, I am heavily concerned with me not knowing what I want to do as a career. I know I still have time to find my passion, but lets say I don't discover it by the time I apply to college...

- Will my chances be heavily impacted if I apply as an undecided major?

- How does choosing your major work later on in college?

- Will my chances of getting a certain major decrease if I apply later on? What I mean by this is, random example: the UPENN Wharton School. Let's say I apply to UPENN as an undecided major, miraculously get in, then decide I want to apply to the Wharton School of Business a year later. How would that work? Is it even possible?

Sorry if these are silly questions, I have no clue on how major application processes work... 😅


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3 years ago

Hey! Since you are a freshman, you still have A LOT of time to decide. There are lots of things you can do to help you decide as well. Try to think about what subjects in school you enjoy the most. If you love math, maybe consider being an engineer. English? A lawyer or teacher. Science? Maybe a doctor. Just doing research online can also help. Also look around at the adults you know and see what jobs they do and if that interests you. You can ask people if you can job shadow them, or try to get an unpaid internship in a really interesting field. However, also remember that if you are going to a liberal arts college, it doesn't matter as much what degree you are getting, but just that you got a degree. Liberal Arts degrees are meant to give you a round, holistic education that gives you knowledge in a wide range of topics. You can go to any number of jobs with a certain major, it's not just for one job. Also, if you plan on going to get your Master's afterward, your Master's does not necessarily have to be the same as your undergraduate degree, although many will have prerequisite courses depending on the subject. Some do not even require you to have your undergraduate degree in the same field, such as Masters of Business or Counseling Psychology. Similarly, you do not have to go through a pre-law program to get accepted into law school.

Your chances will not be heavily impacted if you apply as undecided. Many students do this.

This is different for every college, but usually they will have a set date by which you have to declare your major (usually sophomore year) and then you take classes that will let you earn the degree for that major.

I do not know UPENN, and this is definitely something that is different for every school. I remember for one of the schools that I was applying to, you could definitely transfer to their business college later on. Whether that is harder or easier depends on how prestigious that particular school of business is, if they have a lot of people applying to get in compared to their other school, etc. I imagine if you did well in college but outside the business school, it would make it easier.

I hope this helps!

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