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How to build a competitive profile for top universities?

Hii, I'm a 10th grade student in Brazil (the school year here starts in january/february and ends in november/december, and therefore I'll graduate by december 2023) and I'm looking for advice on how to get a more competitive profile for admission at American universities. I don't have much extracurricular activities currently, I'm president of my school (I don't know the exact name of this activity in English), representant of my class, I'm a scholarship holder at an institute for outstanding students, I'm participating in some scientifical and academical olympiads and competitions (one of them in Brazilian history, one in geography, one in English, one focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in XXIst century abilities and of an essay competition too), and have won some awards for outsanding performance in a school level. I can speak Portuguese, French and English and have an average grade of 8 on a 1-10 scale.

I'm looking forward to get admitted to some highly competitive universities (Columbia, UC Berkeley, UChicago, Stanford and Yale, for example), and need a full scholarship (what usually requires a very strong curriculum and academical profile). Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to stregthen my profile, considering these colleges' competitiveness?


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Hi! Your academic profile looks amazing when it comes to languages. And you are the student body president. You didn't mention any AP or Honors classes though. I do not know if they have those in Brazil but if they do, I suggest taking two in 11th grade and two or three in 12th. Just warning you about these is they are very difficult and I don't want you to wear yourself down to the bone. I have confidence in you though!

You could probably do some extracurricular activities. Things like volunteering, being a member of a sports team, being a part of an orchestra or band or choir, and even getting a part-time job would all help your resume and/or application.

Getting a good SAT and ACT score is extremely important. As long as you get an SAT Score of 1440 or higher you should be fine (ACT 32 or higher).

I really do hope this helped!

I wish you luck!


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