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Is 1490 an enough score?

Hello, I'm now a rising senior and I have already taken the SAT 3 times. When I Superscore, I get a score of 1490 with 800 math and 690 reading+writing. I am a First-Gen student so I am not very good with English and am not sure if I will be able to get a better score. My parents want me to take the ACT but my problem with the reading section is that I don't get enough time. Also, I'm interested in majors like Mech Eng. and Finance... at competitive schools such as Georgia Tech. Would you recommend I take the SAT / ACT one more time, or just focus on the essays now?

I am not asking anyone to chance me... and just asking if I should take the Standardized test again. Thanks

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3 years ago

According to Georgia Tech's most recent common data set, having 1490 would put in in the upper middle of test score ranges of 1380/1520 so its highly doubtful that you would need a higher test score. In fact, at GTech, they value the following factors having more relative importance above standard test scores -

The rigor of Secondary school record

Academic GPA

Application Essay

Extracurricular Activities

Character/Personal Qualities

Volunteer Work

Work Experience

Level of Applicants interest

Therefore I would work on those areas of your application file rather than trying to get a higher SAT test score.

Now if you are applying to Carnegie Mellon, JHU, Duke, UPenn, or Vanderbilt, I would retake it and try for 1550. At this point I'm not sure switching over to the ACT is very good to use of your time because to get a 34+, you'd have to grind for a few months to master that test format.

Good Luck

3 years ago

Congrats on your score, I think a 1490 should be sufficient! Like @CameronBameron already said, with that score it'll be more important for you to focus on other things like your essay, EC's, coursework, etc., bc ACTs/SATs aren't the only things schools will look over. One last thing, make sure that the schools you're applying to accept superscores. Not all of them do, so if you have a lower composite score for your individual tests, you might want to consider retaking it. Only if they don't accept superscores, though!

3 years ago

I do think that you shouls take the SAT again and take the ACT since it could help greatly in college admissions. Of course you will need to balance preparing for that with your essays, but it may be worth it depending on how hard you think you'll be able to work and how confident you feel. And remember, if you do retake it, to focus on the english part, but also give enough attention to math despite your perfect math score. Because that math score could become lower if you neglect studying for that part of the SAT. I would suggest trying out PrepScholar's preparatory course on the SAT if you can afford it or get financial aid if they offer it and/or buying the Princeton Review book. Go through both math and englush sections on both.

I know it'll be tough, but if you genuinely think you can handle that, go for it. If not, take some time to think things true and get to a conclusion.

3 years ago

yes that is excellent within my research with colleges trying to find a criminal law you could potentionaly get into standford with those scores!

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