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Do sophomore year matters

I went from all Aand B to C and D

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@luisav5 months ago

Like @complicated said it does matter, but due to the pandemic, colleges are more understanding. You can't do much to change your grade now, but do your very best junior year to show improvement and balance out your GPA. I think colleges value grade improvement more than just having good grades. You got this!!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@louuu35 months ago

Thank you ! I had a 3.0 on my final grades for this year , is that good ?

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5 months ago

yes, it is definitely important. It will be counted in every school. However, some colleges actually give you a box where you can explain why you had a downfall in grades. This is not the end of your world. Work harder next year and make up for it by showing drastic improvement in your Junior Year. Wish you the best.

5 months ago

Yes sophomore year matters


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