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Is AP better than Honors, what's the difference?

Hi, I'm an uprising Freshman looking to go into the medical field, I am going to attend an Engineering/Biomedical school next year and am confused on which classes I should take throughout High School. I am still not quite too sure what the differences between AP and Honors are? Is one better than the other? If so, which one and why? What classes do you recommend for students interested in the medical field? If anyone can please help me out that would be great, thank you!


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2 years ago

Honors are just advanced regular classes to prepare you for AP, at least in my school. You should take AP classes if you are interested in going to a selective college, want college credit, and most importantly can handle the rigor. Some schools also offer dual credit or onramps, which means they are offered by a college and you can earn college credit. However, dual credit/onramps credit might not be transferrable to other colleges while if you get a high score on AP all colleges can take them. For engineering/biomedical, take biology, chemistry, physics, calculus (when you get there), and engineering classes but also health science classes if they offer it at your school.


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