7 months ago
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How to find a tech internship?

I want to find a tech related internship but I’m not sure where to start. I don’t really have a lot of experience with coding or anything hardware related, which probably is a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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7 months ago

Technology is a very very popular field, and students as young as high schoolers can have technical proficiency in it, which is not the common case with other fields. However, look at the positive of that, as a result there are a lot of tech internships available. There are two good ways to find it. 1) google tech internships for hs or undergrad (whichever you're in), I normally didn't have too much success with this, although you may have some 2) This is, in my opinion, the more unique option, google and find tech startups and cold email asking to intern, shadow, or possibly even work there, they could use the help and don't have official internship programs.


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