3 years ago
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Is the iStart Vally summer internship program recommended/recognized?

Hi, I am a High School Sophomore that got into the iStart Valley Entrepreneurship internship program. But, I wanted to see if a) it is a prestigious program, fir college applications and such b) it's a good learning experience or a scam and c) it's worth $500

This is the link: https://www.istartvalley.org/index.php/programs/yep/high


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3 years ago

So I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I would personally do this program but you might find it worth it. Looking it up it's pretty difficult to find a lot of information on it. In my opinion if it was a prestigious program there would be more info available for it.

Some other red flags I noticed were most of the testimonials on their site are years old at this point. Many of them are from back in 2015. Also a lot of the writing on the site is poorly written or full of grammar mistakes. Even details on what you actually do in the program are hard to come by on their own site. Finally, the fact that you need to pay $500 to participate when there doesn't seem to be a clear selection process is concerning. So to me personally, there are enough yellow/red flags where I wouldn't feel comfortable committing to the program. It's definitely possible it is a good learning experience but I think there's probably better, more prestigious, well-known programs you could try for.

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