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Being an International Prospective applicant, I wish to know how do the universities calculate the GPA for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 ? Is it simply calculating the mean value of the individual GPAs in the 4 grades or there is certain algorithm which determines it ?

In my country, there is no unweighted or weighted GPA system. Its simply a percentage system which is determined by the examinations.

@Melokenzie3 years ago

I think it depends, even in the U.S schools don't consistently use one type of GPA. Same for the colleges, I read that regardless of your transcript they will calculate your GPA themselves to make it fit into their system.

@Melokenzie3 years ago

As a whole the GPA that is listed as the average of admitted students is usually unweighted so it's easier for prospective students.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@PWCollegeVine3 years ago

Thanks @Melokenzie for the response. It really helps. Have a good day !

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3 years ago

The most standard way to calculate a GPA, to the best of my knowledge, is to calculate the mean value of the individual GPAs in the four grades. At least in my school, an A is a 4, a B is a 3, and so on. Anything above a 90% is considered an A. To find the GPA for each year you would assign the corresponding number to each class and then find the mean, and then like you guessed you would find the mean value from all four years combined. I hope this helps at least somewhat. :)

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