8 months ago
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Do These Extracurriculars Count? Verification required?

(Not a chancing question, just asking if they count as activities since none of them are listed on College Vine)

-Coding on Episode Interactive

-Hosting Virtual Events

-Being an Assistant for a household business

-Making a prsonal instagram account to post educational content.(How many followers should I have)

-Writing letters to Congressmen and suggesting/creating policies for governor candidates


-Being a website editor

-Conversations to Remember(Virtual meetings with seniors)

-Writing letters for nursing homes


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2 answers

8 months ago

Yes, absolutely all of these count. On applications, if you can't find a category these fit under, put "other" and explain. A previous poster said that writing letters wouldn't count, but this is not true. Political lobbying like this is a great way to show that you are an active citizen and that you care about your country/state/region. I would definitely include this in your application!

Good luck!

8 months ago

Hello, you have a lot of unique extracurricular activities. Coding, hosting virtual events, personal instagram account, tutoring, and website editor are all great extracurricular activities. I am not so sure about the writing letters would count. Extracurricular activities are activities that are done outside the school. So, what I am thinking that it depends on how long and how often you been writing letters to the nursing homes and Congressmen. I hope this helps!


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