5 months ago
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How many AP exams can I take per year?

I've signed up for AP Calculus AB, and I want to do the exam for that, but I also want to do the AP Exam for AP Lang while not taking the class.

Can I do both exams or only one?

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@laurenamanii5 months ago

you can take all of the ap exams, just make sure to study and to be prepared:)

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5 months ago

I assume you are talking about the next academic year, as it is way too late to register for this year's AP exams.

You can absolutely do both exams! Self-studying is pretty common, and while schools sometimes might put limits on how many AP classes the different grades can take, I highly doubt they can keep you from taking an AP exam by yourself. You would still have to register, both with CollegeBoard and your school in order to reserve a spot to take the exam, so I would talk to your guidance counselor or your school's testing coordinator about that. Go for it!

5 months ago

To be honest, there's no limit to how many AP tests you can take a year. You can take 1, 5, 10...

Take the ones you think you are well prepared for.


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