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I am a freshman at a public high school and I am interested in majoring in engineering. I have joined the robotics club at my team, but it is a small public school and there are no other STEM related clubs that I could join. I have considered starting a club but can not find enough interested people to join. What are some extra curricular activities I could do that would boost my chances of getting into a good engineering school?

A junior and I on the robotics club have talked about starting a sister robotics club for girls to work on separate robots. Would that benefit me?


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Honestly its not just STEM Ecs that look good debate looks good regardless of if you change major community service is also good. A math club is also a great thing for steM. Though dont limit yourself to STEM ECs!

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Yes, for sure. Starting any sort of club shows leadership and it shows that you take initiative. I think it would benefit you greatly. I'm actually a freshman at a public high school as well and I want to go into finance. I'm in the process of starting an investment club at my high school. Colleges like students that start things and take initiative. Going along with this, maybe a start a blog that relates to science or engineering? You can also compete in local/national competitions individually or with the junior on your robotics team. Also, enroll for some engineering courses on edX and Coursera and pay for the certification. It will be a great way to demonstrate interests to your prospective colleges.