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Are there any extra requirements needed for Yale or Juliard

Like a language or a sport?

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5 months ago

Yes. Try to take 4 years of the same language and get into varsity sports to have the best chance. Other extracurriculars and community service will also help.

5 months ago[edited]

Welcome! I couldn't find anything for Juliard but here is what I found for Yale. Info is from naviance the college prep site my school uses.

There are a few schools under Yale so I looked it up for the standard university. Here is what I found. These factors are what has the most weight for them.

Character/Personal Qualities

Class Rank

Curriculum Rigor/School Record

Extracurricular Activities



Aside from these Yale has not explicitly stated that they recommend 3 years of a foreign language or sport. But it can be implied from their focus on your course rigor and school record. In general selective schools will like to see you have one more credit per subject of what is required. For example instead of 3 math credits 4.


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