3 years ago
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Should I take the AP exams for my incoming AP classes?

A bit of background.

1.For AP English at my school it is offered as dual credit so I could do that and get the credit without having to take the exam and pay extra money.

2.I am terrible at test test taking.

3. My other AP is environmental Science which everyone I know who has taken says it death.

4. My EC's are on the boring not extraordinary side.

Do you think I should take the exams? I'm 50/50 of if I think it would look bad. On one hand the exam is to get credit. On the other hand I'm not sure if it eludes that I would do badly so I decided not to take it.


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3 years ago

You should be aware that AP Exam scores are not part of your college applications. Other than that, idk it doesn't matter a whole lot. If you have a specific college you are interested in, look at their AP credit policy and see if it would be helpful to you. A lot of colleges don't offer credit for them, or if they do, it doesn't affect things much. If you take it and do well, it does leave you with more options though.

It probably will not save you money though, despite what you may have heard.

3 years ago

ok, Firstly i would like to say, this is only my opinion, what you choose to do is completely your wish. Do what you feel is most right.

so, since you have dual credit for AP English, i would suggest you to take the test. because, if you don't get your desired results in it, you can choose not to mention it in you're application. you can just mention that you have dual credits in AP English,

But on the other hand, if you actually get good marks in it, think about it - it would be way better. so in AP English even if you get good grades or don't, The worst thing that could happen is you mention only you're dual credits, which is technically the same thing you would do if you didn't take the test. If you do take the test though - All the best in advance 😊.

and i suggest the same thing for AP environmental science, because the worst thing that could happen is that you won't mention you're grades.

but i believe you have the potential to get you're desired results. all i want to say is go for it. you have a good chance to improve you're acceptance. give it you're best! All the best.

I hope this helped

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