3 years ago
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How much will my grades from this year impact my college admissions?

I had a really difficult time with distance learning. Over the course of the school year, I earned 4 B's in the first semester and 4 C's in the second semester (I know, yikes). I know that if I do well next year and the first semester of senior year (along with several college courses), I can bring my GPA up to 3.8. But I'm still worried that this year will be a huge blow to college admissions chances.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jellybean3 years ago

honestly, i might get a D in one of my classes, but I have the opportunity to remediate it.

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3 years ago[edited]

Before I attempt to answer your question, answer me the following> What your current UWGPA? How many AP classes will you have completed by the time you graduate? Are your ECs excellent, vg or so-so? What's your highest ACT or SAT test score? What are your top 3 colleges? thanks

Hi, I think for a Sophomore you have an impressive track record so far. It's true that you have some gaps in your GPA but the rest of your narrative and spikes look really good. If you can take the SAT one or two more times and get a 1500-1550 score that will really help you. Personally, I think the UC schools will give you hard time for your less than perfect GPA, even if you get it up to 3.7+, I'm not sure it's worthwhile applying to UCLA since their average UWGPA is pushing 3.95 these days. Plus big state schools take a shortcut on the whole holistic review process compared to privates.

Based on your top 3, I'd skip UCLA and consider Purdue as a safety school. I don't know if you've looked into Top Liberal Arts colleges but I recommend you take a look at them. They are not critical with GPA but they have great financial aid if you qualify and you'll get a superior education which will prime you for grad school if you choose to apply. Schools I'd consider would be Pitzer, Reed College, Colorado College, Colgate University, Vassar College, University of Richmond, Washington & Lee, Wake Forest, Bates, both Trinity's (SA and CT).

Just grind and show an upward trend with your JR and SR grades, improve your SAT, and take some college courses during the summer. I think you are in very good shape in spite of the setback.

3 years ago

to be honest my gpa is a 2.25 but a lot of colleges take students like that its called undergraduate! so no this year wont be a huge blow you have c's and b's but you can always go to summerschool to make the c's up!

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