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Does school imply for full financial aid for international students with need?

I'm a woman from Ukraine. My Sat score is around 1450. Planning about applying to Fordham in November.

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5 months ago

Honesty, my cousin just graduated from Fordham with over $100,000 in student loans and he was an excellent HS student before applying. I don't believe Fordham is the best college for getting financial aid whether you are an American or Int'l Student. Therefore I suggest that you apply to better schools that have better financial aid. Also, since you already have 1450, I recommend that you try your best to take it again and achieve a 1500+ SAT score. That would give you better chances at better schools.

If you want to attend school on the East Coast, then I would consider these because they are all excellent and better schools than Fordham with better financial aid.

-Wellesley College

-Mount Holyoke

-Smith College

-Vassar College

-Hamilton College

-Colgate University

-Dartmouth College

-Cornell University

-Columbia University

-Trinity College

-Williams College

-Amherst College

-Boston College

-Bates College

-Bowdoin College

-Colby College

-Yale University

-Brown University

-University Of Pennsylvania

-Haverford College

-Bryn Mawr College

Good luck.


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