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I’m currently a junior at a public school in northern Virginia. My goal is to gain admissions to UVA next year

I have fairly strong gpa, sat, and I’m currently a full IB diploma candidate. My Sat score is 1520, unweighted gpa of 3.9, and I’m in all IB classes this year, and finished with straight A’s. I’m currently in marching band, jazz band, and the school symphonic band, and on top of that, I have a leadership role in the YD club at my school. I have also started to participate in community service as of late. Although I’m involved in my school via ec’s, I still feel like my involvement isn’t as good as it should be if I want to get admitted to schools like uva and William and Mary. Does anyone who goes to UVA think I have a decent shot?

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5 months ago

Hi! If you're hoping to gain admissions to UVA, I think you stand a pretty good chance. Your grades are excellent, and you have enough extracurriculars to show your engagement outside the classroom! I think the biggest thing left to do is to apply for scholarships and make sure to market your accomplishments on the application. Best of luck, and I hope this helps :)

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What's your question? You didn't state a question.


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