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ECs and APs for psychology majors.


I'm currently a high school junior and I recently discovered that I would like to have psychology as my major in high school. I would like to know what kinds of ECs and APs that I could do which would appear attractive to college admissions officers.

I haven't done many extracurriculars so it would really help if you could recommend some since my school isn't that great at doing that :/

thank you and I hope you have a great day/night/evening <3

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6 months ago

In terms of APs that you can take, there is always AP Psychology, which has one of the easiest test formats out of all the APs. AP Stats would also be more beneficial than an AP Calc because Statistics is a common GenEd for Psych majors. In regards to extracurriculars, start a mental health club at your school if there isn't one. Raise money and awareness for mental illness and and mental health organizations. If you do already have a mental health club, then try to be as active as possible. Strive for a leadership position and put in the time to make a difference.


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