2 years ago
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Im from Germany and would like to go to university in the US. any tips?

Hello, i would like to study Physics. im not sure where to aplly to best and if i yould even get in becouse im from Germany. i know that i have to take the sat and would be thankful for tips about scholarships, colleges and sat study tips.

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2 years ago[edited]

Since you will become an international student you will have to take a test for English proficiency either the ILETS or the TOEFL

you need to research which school you should attend and what fits you, is it a community college or a 4-year university.

This search depends on your budget, qualifications, interests,...etc

Then after you make the college list apply to them, many colleges open their early decision and early action applications in November. Make sure you fill these applications before the deadline.

2 years ago

I would like to suggest you that, you should get excellent grades in your high school at first

2 years ago

Try looking at US news for strong phsyics program and look at each college you're interested in international student page and other info.


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