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What can I do to make me more competitive when applying to Ivy League schools and BS/MD prgrams?

I am a high school freshman in Texas who is an aspiring doctor. I want to attend a BS/MD program in the United States. Here are my course selections for my high school journey:

English: Eng 1 P-AP Eng 2 P-AP Eng 3 AP D

English 4: English 4 AP D2

Math: MS Algebra I Pre-AP MS Geometry Pre-AP Alg 2 P-AP Pre Calc P-AP D Calculus AB AP D Cal BC AP D

Science: Biology AP D Chem 1 P-AP Chem AP AP Physics 1 Envirn Sci AP D

Social Studies Human Geo AP W Hist AP US History AP US Govt AP D

Economics: Macro Eco AP

Languages Other Than English: Spanish 1 MS Spanish 2 P-AP MS Span 3 P-AP D Spanish 4 AP

PS Physical Education: Air Force Sci 1

Fine Arts: Technical Theatre I

Health: Health

Speech: Leadership 2 GT H Sem

Electives: Leadership 1 GT H Air Force Sci 2 GT Mentor Seminar H GT Mentor Seminar II H Air Force Sci 3 Air Force Sci 4

My GPA: 102.0667 (Jan 2020)

My Rank: 13/721 (Jan 2020)

What extracurriculars should I pursue? I am not involved in any extracurriculars for my freshman year because I wanted to get accustomed to the high school environment before committing to any clubs. I plan on doing the following extracurriculars next year and throughout the rest of high school: UIL Academics, Science Bowl, Quiz Bowl, Academic Decathlon. I also plan on doing some doctor shadowing, volunteering at hospitals, and some hospital work over the next few years. I am also going to apply for a research program at the Health Science Center near me. The research that I do there could possibly be published nationally or even recognized locally.

I am also very interested in politics. How can I use politics to make me more competitive? I want to volunteer for national politics like presidential elections, but I can also volunteer for Senators or Reps as well. I am also open to having a YouTube channel explaining some political topics or making election predictions. I also want to volunteer at Turning Point USA or any conservative organizations.

I am also in AFJROTC. I am currently a Cadet Airman First Class, but we get promoted every year and leadership positions pen up if you are a senior cadet. I can run for Corps Commander or Deputy Commander when I am a senior. How can I use AFJROTC to my advantage?

I am also Class President for the 2019-2020 school year for my Class of 2023 class. We haven't really done anything as Freshman representatives, but I am interested in starting a movement at school like a green campus initiative. How can I use student government to my advantage?

I am also the creator of a petition to pass a deforestation climate package. It currently has over 370 signers and I plan on working on it more over the next couple of years. How can I grow this and use it to make more competitive? https://www.change.org/1trilliontrees

Also, what other programs or extracurriculars should I be a part of to make me more competitive for Ivy league level colleges and BS/MD programs?

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so there are a lot of threads around here about BS/MD programs and extracurriculars, and it might be good for you to go through the responses to those since a lot of that advice might apply to you as well.

but the short answer is that, for BS/MD programs, the things that matter far more than anything else are the hospital shadowing and volunteering experiences you mentioned pursuing. those programs are obviously looking for really accomplished students, and you do need to have a strong set of other ECs as well as grades and scores near the top of your class, but extracurricular work directly with medicine is the most important part of your application to them. so if those programs are your focus, make sure you lean heavily on those opportunities.

now just for ivies it's a bit different, and the gist is to just, kind of as you're saying, use your leadership positions and responsibilities to lead initiatives and actually make an impact on the people you're working with or serving in those capacities. you can use all of these activities "to your advantage" in basically the same way—doing something original with the responsibilities you've been given.

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