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My school does not support the Gpa system in providing evaluation for our exams

I am in a high school that does not support this system in giving grades, so I will have a chance to apply to universities

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@CameronBameron5 months ago

What country do you attend High School in? That will be useful to know.

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@saidsalah5 months ago

God, I am from Egypt ,too. I saw your post and was expecting that you are in the same shoes as me, are you in the third year of high school , "The so-called new system".

@saidsalah5 months ago

Can you provide a photo of your grades! It will be useful.

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Since two of you are from Egypt, would it fair to say your schools use these marks? Or something else?

Percent Qualification

85–100 Excellent (Momtaz) (Arabic: ممتاز‎)

75–84 Very good or Distinct (Gayed Gedan) (Arabic: جيد جدًا‎)

65–74 Good (Gayed) or credit (Arabic: جيد‎)

50–64 Acceptable (Maqboul) or pass (Arabic: مقبول‎)

30–49 Weak (Daeef) (Arabic: ضعيف‎)

0–29 Very weak (Daeef Gedan) (Arabic: ضعيف جدًا‎)

For simplicity's sake, I would assign a 4.0 for Excellent, a 3.0 for Very Good, a 2.0 for Good, and a 1.0 for an Acceptable. (0 for Weak or Very Weak)

So you multiply the number of classes and grades by the 1-4 scale and come up with a total. So if you take 24 graded classes and get 84 points you divide by 24 and get your Unweighted GPA which would be a 3.50 GPA.


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