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Graded written paper

What exactly is a graded written paper for international students which is required by Princeton? What should be written in it and how is it graded? How long should the paper be (number of words)?

EDIT: I want to major in CS, so can I submit a CS-graded written paper, or is it better to submit an English or a history graded written paper?


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5 months ago

The Princeton essay is a piece you submit to show how well you are at expository writing, not creative writing. They want you to show them that you are excellent at articulating your through and explaining your ideas in a body of work that has correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, and ideal word choice. They want to see an original piece of writing that was graded. They also specifically ask for a graded paper that you wrote for an English class, or either a social studies or history course.

Before I submitted my 17-page essay on the works of poet/writer Nikki Giovanni, I asked Princeton if there was a page or word count limitation. Since I am interested in majoring in English or social sciences, I chose a longer paper since it has something to do with my intended narrative anyway. A 1 or 2-page paper, wouldn't help me as much.

Since you intend to study computer science, submitting a shorter 2-page paper should be satisfactory for your purposes.

Good luck.

5 months ago

hey, I think the graded written paper should preferably be English or history

here is the detailed link-https://admission.princeton.edu/how-apply/application-checklist/graded-written-paper


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