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While I am still waitlisted at the University of California, Davis and the University of California, Irvine, I would like to know in case I get accepted to both, where should I go ?

Being an international student, I won't be eligible for any financial aid or scholarships so do not consider that factor while you vote.

Do let me know !

P.S. I am going to major in Computer Science

UC Irvine
UC Davis
Both are great
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5 months ago

Both are solid institutions. However, I would recommend UC Davis it is significantly closer to the heart of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has may very-young startups that you could intern with as a CS major.

4 months ago

I second this my brother who lives and went to school in Michigan actually was an intern for a start up there and now he works for a big company... intel... being close would make it easier on you especially if your internal.


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Thanks for all the great comments. They really help. I too was personally inclined to UC Davis because of its close proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area but just wanted to know from students/grads who live in or around one of these cities so as to get a more honest review. @ADITANUP, @Eric_White and @DebaterMAX , thank you so much for your information. Its true @Abhinav15 that the Collegevine community is really helpful. And I too have started answering a few questions on some other communities. Its great to interact with your peers, even if they are from a different country. Just gives you a great perspective.


5 months ago[edited]

We as a community are helping out this person so much.

Anyway, I think that UCI is a little bit cheaper than uc davis. It also depends on what type of campas you want to go to: suburban or urban.

4 months ago

Davis is a college town...


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