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Dual credit student with AP exams

HI! I am a Collegiate Student in my High School, this means that I get college level courses throughout my highschool years. I have not taken any AP exams, since I automatically get college credit. Should I apply to take AP exam? I heard that this looks better towards colleges!

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5 months ago[edited]

After researching your school and this topic I feel that if your intent is getting as much college credit as possible and have your course rigor validated, I would then self-study for the AP examinations you are confident you can get 4s or 5s in.

I'm on the fence about how dual enrollment credit value is compared to APs and IBs. Personally, I took 24 Dual Enrollment courses, 9 APs, and 2 online College courses and feel that only the APs and College Courses (from a Top 50 University) really helped me. I think the dual enrollment classes show some course rigor but the school that admitted me (Columbia U.) like all Ivys does not accept dual enrollment credits. I'm not even sure they are going to allow me to transfer my 6 college credits but I'll cross that bridge later.

I think if you registered for the APs, and got high scores in the APS that will help you get into a top college more than taking any more dual enrollment courses. If you can possibly switch just to APs that would be better. I understand that it sounds cool to get a bunch of DE credit or possibly graduate with an AA degree from a local community college, but Ivy leagues and Elite colleges don't see it that way. They would much rather accept a student that has 8-12 APs or IB courses than dual enrollment. If you decide to stay in Texas and live and work there in the future, then I think it has more value. But outside of Texas, I don't think this program improves your chances of getting into a top college.

Hope that is helpful.


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