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International student Transcripts

What is the process of sending the official high-school transcripts for international students? Do the counselor need to send it through common/coalition app or is there any other method to send them?


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5 months ago

YES, correct you have to have your high school counselor's office submit them. And if you don't have an HS counselor, the school admin office has to submit them. If you have taken college courses with college credits, the college has to send the transcript to the school you are applying to. Hope that clarifies things for you. Good luck

Copied from Common App section for Int'l Students

How do I send my transcripts to Common App colleges?

Your counselor will submit transcripts and other school forms on your behalf. If you don’t have a counselor,

you can invite any school official who has access to your academic records. We recommend you invite a

school official who can speak to your academic performance.

You will invite your counselor on the My Colleges tab in the Recommenders and FERPA section.

If you have taken any university-level courses, you will note that in the Education section of your Common

App. You will need to request the university to send your transcripts directly to the colleges you are

applying to.

Copied from Coalition section for Int'l Students

Each college you apply to will list their required official documents, and you can work with your high school counselor to make sure they submit whatever is required. The types of documents that colleges may request are:


Counselor Recommendation: Use this type for your high school counselor.

Academic Recommendation: Use this type for teachers you ask to write an official letter about your high school or college career.

General Recommendation: Use this type for recommenders other than your counselor or teachers.


Current Transcript: An official transcript of your high school grades up until now.

First Quarter Grades: An official transcript of your high school grades for the first quarter of your senior year.

Mid-Year Grades: An official transcript of your high school grades for the first half (semester) your senior year.

Final Transcript: An official transcript of your complete high school grades up through your graduation.

5 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! @CameronBameron has replied superbly to your question and I have nothing else to add to their response.

Your high school transcripts ultimately have to be sent by someone in your school administrative offices (that can be guidance counselor, or not, depending on your school set-up). You will be able to self-report your classes and grades on the Common App, but this IS DIFFERENT than your school sending the official transcript which is always necessary.


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