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Cn I increase my ACT score?

Realistically speaking, is it possible for me to increase my ACT score by 8-10 points? How long would it take me to prepare myself to reach that goal? I scored a 25 on the pre-ACT without any practice or prep. I want to increase my score to a 32 at least. I plan on working on it this summer and during junior year as well. Does anyone have any tips or specific books/programs to use for ACT preparations?

@CameronBameron4 months ago

What is are your 4 section breakdowns? If you share that, I can give you a better plan of action.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Mih8061104 months ago [edited]

Reading- 30, math- 22, science-25, eng- 24. I had lost a relative due to covid the day before I took the pre-act, so I wasn't at the best mental state I could have been at. That's partly why my scores are so low. Thanks!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Mih8061104 months ago

I can definitely get my math score up if I practice those types of problems. Most of it is from middle school-ish/geo math. I'm just worried about the English and science sections.

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4 months ago

I'm sorry for your loss. Hope all is well.

On your question; I think one way to go about this is to learn and understand the core concepts on the ACT. Focus on the problems that are asked most frequently, instead of trying to memorize everything. Depending on your next test date, I would suggest using online recourses such as the Kahn Academy SAT/ACT course. It is completely free and I've done it many times before. I would also suggest taking mock tests in a test-simulative environment.

4 months ago

I know a girl that got a 22 her first time taking it, studied like crazy, then got a 33 the second time around. Prep and practice tests are your best friends. Looking at your score breakdown, I would say to focus on math formulas, looking back at that middle school/early high school algebra and geometry. Also, a general piece of ACT advice: slow down on everything, but especially science. if you can read a graph and really look carefully at those questions, you can bump your science score way up. I found that the answer was frequently given straight to you, just hidden in wording or in the graph. I think that you're a sophomore, so you have plenty of time to improve your test taking skills in general as well as skills specific to the ACT.


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