3 years ago
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Should I send a brag sheet for my counselor rec. letter?

My counselor doesn't know me well at all, and in times of covid I haven't seem him or talked to him barely at all, even though I haven't been requested a student or parent bragsheet for my counselor rec.letter before, should I gave them one to improve their acquaintance of me?

My highschool is overseas from latin america and I don't hink they know that exist a "bragsheet" to do inspiring rec. letters, I suppose that's why I wasn't requested a parent bragsheet in my senior year, should I send one anyways?

Any advice so my counselor is more acquainted about me as a person?


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3 years ago

I second @izziann suggestion of setting up an initial get to know meeting. You get a sense of how well they actually know you and it can be a good opportunity to put a face to your name if you don't see each other often. If you can set up reoccurring meetings to check in on goals and make sure you're on the right track that would be a good thing too.

In terms of a brag sheet I think it would be fine to give them one. You can mention the fact that you wanted to provide it since you haven't met as often as you would have liked. Keep in mind just because you give one to them it doesn't mean they'll use it. If they have so many students where they barely know you they might just churn out LoRs as fast as possible and include only the most basic information. Make sure to find some good teachers, advisors, or mentors for your other LoRs to possibly make up for a potentially lackluster one from your counselor.

3 years ago

This is a good question :)

I would suggest setting up a get-to-know meeting with your counselors, just to get a feel for where you stand in their minds. Next, I would discuss your scholastic accomplishments with them. (Yes, it may be a bit awkward, but I think that you would do better putting yourself out there.) If you really think that a rec letter or bragsheet would be beneficial, you can ask them. I suggest asking them in person, because they have a more likely chance of saying yes.

Hope this helps :)

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