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When should I start AP classes?

Many people warned me about taking the AP classes freshman year so I took their advice and didn't take the classes, But when should I start?

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6 months ago

I did the same thing as a freshman. I stuck to honors classes as my highest difficulty, and then I built up year by year. I took 2 AP's my sophomore year, 3 my junior, and I plan on taking 4-5 depending on scheduling my Senior year. It really depends on what you're looking to get out of AP's. I am taking so many this coming year because I aim to get college credit for generals so I don't have to take as many freshman year of college, but some people take AP's because they are genuinely interested in the subject, enjoy being pushed in classes, or maybe even just parental pressure. Everyone's different, so what might be manageable for someone else may not work for you. Don't pack your schedule with AP classes. My general advice would be to take one or two your sophomore year, feel them out, and see if you want to continue with them.


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