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Is the college I get my bachelors at crazy important?

Does it matter where I get my bachelors degree if I plan on getting a masters? I have a pretty good idea of what and where I'm going to get my masters, so I can't decide if it's worth it to go to a more expensive, prestigious school for the first four years just to get a degree in something general, like communications, and just minor in things related to my masters. As long as the college has the programs I want, is where I go really relevant?

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3 years ago

Hi there!

It completely depends on the course you are doing, I personally believe.

I'm going to use the example of pursuing a bachelor's in Airpods. (Of course, this is not an actual major (I think), but for the sake of explanation, we are going to pretend that it is).

University X is really prestigious overall and has an above-average course for Airpods. Way too expensive.

University Y is moderately prestigious overall and has a good/slightly above average course for Airpods. It is expensive but affordable.

University Z is not very well known in terms of prestige and course for Airpods, but it is affordable.

I would recommend going to Y because the course, price, and prestige are all at a good level and not overbearing. If Airpods is good in Y, then it's better to go there and specialize in whatever you want to pursue your master's in. This also allows you to save your money to pursue a master's at an even better school than the one you pursued your bachelor's in.

For example one of the best schools for master's is Columbia. To them, prestige is somewhat important, but also the bachelor's you did and how much the course taught you, etc is also important.

So yes, where you do your bachelors is important, but not too important that you have to attend the most prestigious university possible, but one that you will actually enjoy studying at, one that is in your price range, and one that you will get a very inclusive and interest Airpod course.

I hope this helps! Please reply to this answer if you have any further questions :)

3 years ago

So I think you're asking if the school and major super relevant to apply to a different school for masters? If not comment and I'll edit my answer

As a high schooler, no one can say 100% what exactly they want to do so banking everything on a master's isn't a great idea. But at the same time, you shouldn't double-dip. for example, a bachelor's in biology is typically used for a master's in genetics or something similar. A master is typically more narrow and is almost a specialty as it's sayi g I'm more qualified than bachelors in xyz but in order to get the genetics you should be familiar with the topics so I wouldn't recommend majoring in let's say dance just to go get a genetics masters. But dong biology as an undergrad and biology as a master's is sub optimum.

Then as for school, it depends on your favorite master programs (which will likely change) if you are going for a Harvard master its harder to get into than say Kansas. But for the schools that have a greater than 60% admit rate as long as you have a decent undergrad experience you shouldn't be in bad shape. If your goal is Kansas you may attend UMKC and have an equal shot at Kansas as most people but for Harvard, you typically need more rigorous so schools like Kansas may be for Harvard. If you figuratively step down the relative prestige ladder and attend undergrad at Harvard you more or less get in everywhere that is less prestigious. Also an undergrad doesn't ave huge bearing on masters except for rigor but yo could attend State St University at Nowhere and still get into Harvard with stellar accomplishments.

Forexmple if at StateSt@nowhere you discover a potential way to tack genes and its a huge accomplishment ou could get into Harvard. Its just the bar is slightly increased.

Hope this helps

3 years ago

It is heavily dependent on what you're majoring in. If you're planning on going for medicine go to the less prestigious school and save your money. Because where it really matters is where you go to get your medical degree where you get your medical degree should be more prestigious. But if you're going for something like communications where you generally don't need any Ph.D. or master's degree just go to the more prestigious school right out. Because the more prestigious school will help you get better jobs when it comes to getting a job with only four years of education.

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