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Would it affect my college admissions negatively if I were to repeat a year in highschool?

My family and I moved to the country I was born in (dual citizen) at the start of the sixth grade and planned to move back to the US after I finish 8th grade. Unfortunately, the pandemic broke out, so we couldn't move back, resulting in me finishing the 9th grade here. The thing is, the schools here are unorganized when it comes to online learning. Both the school and I were not up to par. I blame myself most of all for not working harder. I got a grade that is perhaps a 3.3 (it's 89, we use number grades here) on the American GPA scale. I'm dissatisfied with my performance. Would it hurt or benefit me to repeat?

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4 months ago

In your case, since you took a gap year, I don't think they would care if you repeated a year in high school.

4 months ago

This is an extremely difficult question. In America, if you're planning on applying to American schools when you repeat a grade generally it means you failed. You should probably know that as well. They would most likely assume that you did fail one of your years or they will see that extra year as a red flag. I would say don't take the extra year and just try to do better next year.


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