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Colleges Sending invitations to apply.

Hi all, I am a rising senior and college application is right around the corner for me. I keep on receiving emails from various colleges often as an invitation to apply to their undergraduate school. Does this mean they are actually interested in me or do they send that to everyone to grab student’s attention? Thanks!

@Melokenzie4 months ago

I would say 50/50. Some I've gotten specifically say they are giving me priority admission and giving me a fee waiver while others are more basic and just say hey, you would do great here apply!

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4 months ago

Hi! I am also a rising senior. When I first started to receive these emails, I was super excited, just as I was when I got physical mail from them, but then discovered that they do send them to almost everyone, and it doesn't mean anything. I was sad at first, so I understand your disappointment now :(

4 months ago

To be completely honest, they send stuff to everyone. But it's okay, it keeps you open to lots of college and helps you narrow down what type of education style you like.

4 months ago[edited]

Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily mean that they actually want you to apply. They want people of your demographics. Don't think that just because you're receiving emails that are encouraging you to apply that they actually specifically want you. Also, you're not even guaranteed acceptance into the school. I remember when I first started getting them I would be super excited but then I realized that they just wanted more people to apply.


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