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which college should I apply for?

Hi. I'm a junior with a SAT score of 1030, GPA of 3.6, I have taken 4 DE classes, and I'll take 3 more during the summer. I'm thinking of studying a business majors, a communications major, a finance major, or an accounting major. I live in Florida and I plan to apply to some state schools. I'll prefer to pay no more than $30,000 annually for college so I'm open to any of your suggestions for which colleges should I apply. I'm also open to any tips and suggestions that can help me in the future. Thank You!

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@Melokenzie6 months ago

Try college confidential, that is the site I used to form my list. It has filters so you can only see schools within certain states and majors so it really helped to narrow it down.

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Have you tried using our search feature? You can set the majors you want the school to have, set your state to Florida, and set the max in-state tuition you are looking to spend to $30,000. That will give you a good idea of the options available to you. From there you can break those schools down into safety, target, reach, etc.

In terms of tips I would recommend trying to bump that SAT depending on where you are looking. Also make sure you are building out your EC profile as schools don't only care about your stats.


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