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Hi, I have been accepted to Vanderbilt but am not eligible for need-based financial aid. Other than government loans (PLUS, Stafford), what other options are available to help pay for college, besides the savings we have toward the costs? What have others done when your parents make too much for need-based aid, and the few scholarships awarded did not come to you!? Thanks

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2 years ago

Have you considered negotiating for more money with Vanderbilt? If you got accepted to other schools too, you could use that to help your case for more money. Check out the "Advocate" section of CollegeVine under "Decide" in the menu. They have good resources that can help you negotiate.

If that doesn't work and you really want to go to Vanderbilt, you could try to see if there are any local scholarship programs that are still accepting applications and try applying! Any extra money can help, and if you have the time to apply it could be worth it.


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