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Did Stanford change their policy to becoming need blind?


I heard that Stanford is need blind now for international students? Is this correct?.

I would like to know what are the chances of getting admitted as a British international student into Stanford and be provided with funding or should I consider other schools? Like Harvard or Princeton.

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Per Stanford's website that is not true. They still consider requests for financial aid in the admissions process for non-U.S residents. That doesn't mean there isn't aid money, but they do give more preference to applicants that can pay full price. If you need financial aid you would be better off applying to Harvard or Princeton.

Which one university is more suited for psychology and neuroscience, Harvard or Princeton? What about if I wanted to live off campus? Also, what does Harvard and Princeton offer that Stanford does not? Is there a possibility that I can transfer to Stanford, what are the likelihood’s of the outcome? Thank you
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Stanford's website does not affirm this is true, so they still will be looking at financial aid in the admission process. Harvard is the #1 program in the US for psychology, and MIT isn't far behind at #3. They are also need-blind for admission. Since both are in Cambridge, MA, the cost of living off-campus will not be that much different. If you were to get into one of these schools, I don't see any reason why you would ever try to transfer out, as they are Top 3 in the country. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your response. I’m just scared whether I do not get accepted into Harvard as I’m going to be applying REA. also being an international student, of Harvard does not accept me then my options are quite limited for regular decision for need blind.
That's true. I might recommend applying to MIT if you're worried about restrictive because MIT is not restrictive. However, keep in mind that the admission rate for Harvard (for class of 2024) was 13.9% for early action, but just 3.2% for regular decision. At MIT, early acceptance rate is around 7%, and regular is 6%. If you're willing to take the risk with Harvard, then go for it. I wish you all the best!
I think I might take the risk after all, I’ll have the what ifs, if I didn’t. Do you have any advice or tips that I could be doing now as an international student to stand out even more (increase the likelihood) what do Harvard look for in their students. Like you was an the admission office what would you look for in candidates.
Harvard considers international students in the same pool as regular applicants, so anything a regular US applicant would do would be on the table
Thank you for letting me know. Ok, I’ve come to a conclusion to apply for Harvard. Now being a British citizen, how will I able able to pay rent, will I be able to work? How much is renting off campus.
As an international student on a student visa, you'll be limited to working on campus as a residential assistant or research assistant. You are not allowed to be employed off campus
Thank you for informing me. What if I apply to become a US citizen, am I eligible to work. Also in regards to financial aid what other schools are out there that may consider international students like UPenn or Johns Hopkins?