6 months ago
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How many colleges can I apply too?

Like can I apply to 30+ colleges just in case I don’t get into the main ones I want to go to? And will colleges know that I applied to a lot and will they think I’m desperate?


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6 months ago

So common app caps your application at 20 but nothing stops you from applying via other applications.

As for howmany you should apply to 30 is highly unrealistic. You should have at the top end 17 or so. Bu in that 17 should be at least 2-3 schools you are sure you can get into and wouldn't hate going there and is financially viable.

Also no schools I know track how many you apply to besides Early Decision which isn't relevant at this moment. Therefore yo wouldn't be seen as desperate but if you apply to a lot of schools you run the risk of rushing the application for schools having it be lower quality nd schools want high quality applications.

Essays are often mandated by a school especially the prestigious colleges and admission staff at said school can likely sniff out a cookie cuter about why x school etc a mile away so there is reason besides the fees to limit applications but schools don't say oh @joey applied to 25 schools I have to atoreject him.


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