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Hello, I am from Nigeria in grade 12. Please how can I get into Stanford University.


Phenomville college

Grade 12

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@Phrankie2 years ago

Awfa how is your journey going

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3 years ago

Hi Abdulsalam,

Your post caught my attention because

1. I am also Nigerian, and

2. You posted the same or similar post multiple times (you might want to get this fixed and delete the others so it does not look like spam)

To answer your question being head boy in your school is a big accomplishment, my mom was also head girl when she attended school in Nigeria (it is equivalent to valedictorian or school president here in the U.S, which shows colleges leadership)

Since you are interested specifically in Standford these are their average statistics of students who gain admission: 1505 SAT score, 34 ACT, and 3.96 GPA This makes Standford Extremelyy competitive compared to other schools in the U.S.

In fact, their acceptance rate is lower than Harvard's (4.3%)

Despite crazy stats and test scores schools like Standford look for students who are leaders, intellectually wise, and make the best of their resources, you can show them this through your essays, recommendations, and additional information. So stats are not everything, I know people who were admitted with a 1300 SAT and 3.7 gpa.

It's good that your goals are high, but also consider it is harder to gain admission as an international student as well, take a look at some other schools in the U.S(if that's the location you are interested in). Also, a lot of schools in the U.S offer full rides to intelligent international students such as yourself, do some research and create a diverse list of colleges. Most people do not get into their dream school, so it is good to have options.

If you want to achieve your dreams you have to work hard and do your research. If you are still unsure about how you can get in, Collegevine has a chancing generator that is extremely useful, put all of your scores, extracurricular activities, and background info in, and Boom -- it will give you a % and you'll know what you need to work on or if you are on the right track.

Also also, you mentioned you are in grade 12, during this time of the year in the U.S 12th graders already know which school they are attending, and have already submitted applications last year, but I'm not sure how the process is for you. Will you be a transfer student? Or I believe Nigerian students tend to graduate earlier so maybe you are taking a gap year? Let me know.

and Good Luck! :-)

3 years ago[edited]

There is no specific way to get into Stanford. All applicants must submit either the Common Application or the Coalition Application online.

Required Application Components :

1. Coalition Application or Common Application

2. $90 nonrefundable application fee or fee waiver request

3. ACT or SAT scores (refer to testing for score reporting policies)

4. School Report and counselor letter of recommendation

5. Official transcript(s) or academic results

6. Letters of recommendation from two teachers

7. Midyear transcript (by February 15)

For more information check the apply page of Stanford University: https://admission.stanford.edu/apply/

If you have a high GPA, rigorous coursework, a spike in ECs, a high score in standardized tests, good recommendation letters and essays, and if you stand out in your application. You have a very high chance to get into Stanford.

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