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Hello,I am from Nigeria, can I get into Stanford without participating in competitions though I am the head boy of my hi


Phenomville college

Grade 12


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4 months ago

Being a head boy of your high school is definitely a spike in your college application. But only this one cannot get you into Stanford. Yes, you can participate in competitions. When it comes to extracurricular activities, being a head boy and participating in competitions cannot get you in. Do something that makes you stand out. Do something within your resources.

Competitions are good ECs. Try to participate and stand out in those competitions. Don't try to participate in a bunch of things, just do those which truly interest you and stand out in them.

If your school doesn't offer many ECs, just excel in whatever they offer. Or you can take an initiative to do or start something if you don't have much time to participate in competitions.

If you have a true passion for something you do, you can demonstrate that to the admissions committee in your ECs, it can completely nullify any small difference in grades that you may have compared to other candidates.


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