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Is it possible to bounce back from some poor grades from sophomore year in junior year?

Sophomore in high school, had a few C's this year, can junior year be a change for me

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4 years ago

This is just coming from personal opinion, and personal experience as well (I'm a junior/rising senior).

The short answer: Yes, you can recover from sophomore year, and as long as your grades are consistently doing well (it'd be good if it's mostly As, 1 or 2 Bs) throughout the school year (junior and senior year), I don't think it would be too much detriment to your college applications.

The longer (but probably more helpful answer): Grades/GPA are important in a college application because they help establish you as a strong applicant. While the Cs can dock your GPA a little, as long as you demonstrate that you normally perform well in the classroom (keeping consistent As/Bs), I think you're fine. I would suggest that your junior/senior year, you take more rigorous classes (honors or AP if your school offers them), but of course don't overwhelm yourself. It's just that the challenge of these classes can be good for students, but it also shows colleges that there's a drive to learn/self motivation on the student's part.

Also: As important as grades are, don't neglect yourself and your interests. If you haven't already, find an extracurricular, or program, or start a little business- something you're passionate about. It's a reprieve for you, you can develop skills and practice leadership, AND it shows that you're a well-rounded student (if we're gonna talk colleges, they LOVE that stuff). It kills a lot of birds with one stone lol and it isn't at the expense of your heart.

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