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I’m currently a rising junior and I’m wondering how much of a significant impact a C in a semester of chemistry H. Has?

I’m a rising junior, I’m taking 3 APS next year (one in science) and I’ve gotten A’s and B’s and I’ve taken generally honors/AP since my freshman year, last semester I got a B in the class and my gpa is a 4.0/3.9 would I still be competitive for most selective universities?

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4 months ago

Although a C isn't a very good grade when you're shooting high, having the other APS and having honors and A's/B's, the college administrators most likely won't focus on that one C. You seem like a really smart student who is very capable of getting into a highly competitive university. To raise ur chances, be sure to show your smarts in your applications ad include any extracurriculars. Also, ur SAT/ACT will help. I'm also a rising junior and ur way ahead of me (lol). The honors/APS should raise ur grade over a 4.0... idk?


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