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Hello everyone. I am a student of CAIE A-level. So, this may/june session my exam was going to happen. But, they decided to give us predicted grades. So, I don't know what sorts of grades I am going to get. But, I want to study computer engineering as a major either in the USA or Canda. So, in case if I don't get good grades I am planning to take AP(Computer Science Principles) and SAT-I. So please suggest to me, in these conditions how can I possibly get scholarships. I do have some good ECA too.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for, but broadly (in the US at least), the best opportunities for scholarship money will typically come from the colleges you apply to. If you're applying to the US as an international student, the money available will generally be pretty restricted, but there aren't great third-party options available either.

In any case, receiving merit scholarship money from the schools you apply to will depend heavily on your academic accomplishments (test scores, grades, etc.) and your essays, so make sure you put significant time into those (essays are much more important at US schools than they are at Canadian ones).

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