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Do you have to be president/have positions in clubs at school?

- 9th grade

- the people who have positions in clubs at my school have lots of friends who voted for them

- worried that not being president/have positions in clubs (such as Interact Club, Class Council (different from Student Council in my school, it’s a grade thing and every grade has one. They organize prom and stuff.)

- co-founder along with my sister of MUN at my school

- plan on working on independent projects outside of school (in talks about getting an finance internship at a big corporate business in my area)

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3 years ago

Starting up programs and working on projects outside of school, show a sense of leadership and it will look great on your transcript, you dont have to be president or hold positions but it will make you a lot more appealing to colleges. It shows that you're willing to make a change. I recommend starting a club or an association at your school, something unique. Many start a club that helps the kids in your area, or start up a fundraiser at your school to give to a charity towards helping the environment, or to help some kids that need supplies for school. The possibilities are endless!! If these ideas dont draw your attention, think about something that you want to change in your community or the world or something you want to bring awareness to, an turn that into a club, project and or fundraiser. You got this!! you most definitely have the drive for it as well!! I hope i was helpful.

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