3 years ago
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Can you enroll in an associate's degree at a local community college even if your school doesn't offer dual credit?

I go to an all magnet school, and they do not offer dual credit classes (They offer APs, but I really wanted to get a degree by the time I finish high school, most likely an associates' in science at my local community college starting junior year)

Can I do it even if there are no dual credit programs at my school?

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3 years ago

My school has a DC program, but I also know a few people who enroll in college courses that my school does not offer DC. Typically, these students have early release and enroll as homeschooled high schoolers. Other people I know have taken college courses over the summer. However, because my school offers a DC option for many core courses, the people I know who will graduate with an associate's degree are all taking pretty much every DC class they can and are avoiding AP classes whenever possible. Since you would have to take all of the colloege courses outside of your high school, it will significantly more difficult to get all of the credits you need for graduating high school as well as earning an associate's degree.

Basically, it's probably possible for you to enroll in college courses as a junior, however, there is also the chance that there just isn't enough time in the day to complete all of the work for both.

Good luck!

3 years ago

I think it depends per college as I've seen some that require you to only attend one at a time so they might be apprehensive if you want to study for a degree while in high school. If dual credit isn't offered you will likely have to pay out of pocket

Another thing is that dual credit gives you college credit because a class was deemed the same level as a corresponding college one. If you enroll it would essentially be like taking standard English and AP English, standard math and AP math and so on for core subjects with a couple of extra classes like public speaking.

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